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Crafting the Short Story for Beginners


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Crafting the Short Story for Beginners
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 The aim of this course is to teach you the techniques required to write a short story.  You will learn such things as:


        How to use a hook at the beginning of the story


This is a technique used to hook the reader into

the story, to get them interested.




What is plot? The elements of plot.




How to create believable characters and how to draw up a character profile.


        Beginnings, middles and endings


Maintaining the pace in a short story.


        How to free flow write


How to let your creative muse run riot.


        Revising your work


How to edit and prune your manuscript.


        Getting published


Publishing tips. 


By the end of the course, if you have followed all the lessons and completed the assignments and quizzes succesfully.  You should now know enough to write a short story, revise, edit and submit somewhere with a view to publication.


The advantage of taking this course, is that as well as it being economical (some online classes cost $75.00 or more, this one costs just $15.00), you can take it at your own leisure.  You could complete the course in a few days,  take it over a few weeks or months.


Tuition is by e-mail, where you will have one-to-one contact with me.  I have set you 8 assignments, which I will mark and critique for you.  Each assignment will be awarded a grade. 

To get the most out of this course you will need to be:






When I tell people that I write short stories, they often say: "Oh I always wanted to write a short story or book!"  Then why haven't they done it? There are those that only talk about it, and there are those that do something about it.  Which are one you?

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