Lynette Rees

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Reviews for It Happened One Summer


Ms. Rees fashions a tender romance with quick conversation that keeps everything flowing smoothly. The secondary characters are well-rounded and lend dimension to the story. She weaves a compelling story mixed with jealously, greed and betrayal that grabs the reader. This most refreshing read makes one feel good all the way down to the toes. This is one book that is truly a recommended read.

~ Fallen Angel Reviews, 5 Angels, Recommended Read ~

Ms. Rees instills characters that leave a lasting impression with wonderful dialogue that enhances the story. The secondary characters are a welcome addition to the storyline. Ms. Rees knows how to hook the reader and fascinate in this compelling page-turner. It Happened One Summer is a phenomenal read that should not be missed.

~ The Romance Studio 5 hearts ~

There are enough twists, and turns and gripping suspense to keep you turning the pages until the enchanted ending. I highly recommend this novel. You'll want to put this one on your keeper shelf.

~ Judy Leigh Peters, author of A Father's Hope and Joshua's Faith, Wings ePress


This is a comforting book, and I sensed that from the first page. Reading it is like curling up in a window seat on a cold gloomy day, with a fire crackling on the hearth, and a good book in your lap! The reader just instinctively knows that there will be a happily-ever-after conclusion, and instinctively that propels one forward through the book, with trust and optimism. Top recommendations for this one, and I anticipate future stories from this wonderful author!

Reviewer: Annie Euro-Reviews 5 star excellent!

Ms. Rees allows the reader to feel the sensations that ravels with the believable characters. She pens a well-written story with splendid dialogue that grabs the reader. This is a refreshing read with well-rounded secondary characters that blend in all the right elements making this one terrific read. It really left me with a feel good feeling all over.

~ Linda Lattimer, author of Skeletons Too Close To Home Wings ePress

"Lynette Rees has written a story that holds your attention from the beginning. It Happened One Summer is full of misdirection and keeps you guessing about who did what and what will happen next. This book is a great vacation read. So relax and enjoy."

~ Jan Douglas Writers Unlimited Reviewer ~

"With It Happened One Summer, things must be magical. Lynette Rees made it so. Love at its best, be sure to pick up It Happened One Summer."

Review, Ecataromance 4 stars.

"Read the book and yes, you're right. The book is not perfect; it is: great, wonderful, stupendous, marvelous, amazing, glorious,splendid, excellent, super, terrific, fine, superior, grand, superb, awesome, magnificent, and practically perfect.

Its only flaw is a lack of warning that people reading it may need to have a heart pacemaker installed to keep their hearts from racing and their breathing regular.


~ Jim Deuster U.S ~

The twists and turns of Lynette's suspenseful story keep the reader on edge as the stalker becomes more inventive. Her word painting of Castell Mynydd is breathtaking.

Lynette's characters are all people you feel you know and, for the most part, would enjoy having as neighbors. Her deft handling of Sandy's dilemma with her stalker and the ensuing satisfactory ending make 'It Happened One Summer' a special and fun read for any season.

~ Pat McCain, author of Time For Us July 2005 Wings ePress

IT HAPPENED ONE SUMMER has a strong sense of place, nimble dialogue and good-humored, amiable characters.

Robin Lee ~ Romance Reviews Today