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Excerpt from Return to Winter


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4 flowers!

"Beautifully written and nicely paced."


Review from Nancy Lindley-Gauthier Long and Short Reviews:


5 Stars!


"This story is carried on excellent dialogue and unpredictable action, and those who and enjoy the odd steamier scene will not be disappointed either. "



When Stephanie Baynham comes home to Wales , the lover she ran out on nine months ago, Dylan Pryce-Jones, is waiting at the airport for her.

Will he understand why she left him without warning, during the afternoon of Matt and Sandy's wedding celebration?

Later, she returns to her apartment and finds a threatening message scrawled on her mirror: "You're Dead!" Could her life really be in danger?


Dylan returned to the castle early evening. It had
been a gruelling day, after being up all night and then
having to discuss his designs at a meeting with a local
firm. He set his brief case down in his office and went in
search of Stephanie. He had been a little hard on her, he
knew that. The gentlemanly thing to have done would
have been to explain the situation beforehand about his
so-called engagement to Cassandra and also that she was
employed as his new manager. But instead, he had known
how to hit below the belt by using shock tactics.

He knocked on Stephanie’s bedroom door, but there
was no reply. Cassandra came up behind him carrying a
pile of towels.

“Are you looking for Steph?” He nodded. “She
checked out a couple of hours ago. She said to thank you
for picking her up safely from the airport and for giving
her a room for the night.”

He opened his mouth to say something and closed it
again. Stephanie couldn’t have winded him more if she
had punched him in the gut. He couldn’t believe it. Why
on earth had she left when she knew that her life was in
danger? He found his voice. “Do you know where she

Cassandra shook her head. “I know she was asking
for the phone numbers of local hotels but each one she
tried was booked up as it’s the Christmas season. I think
she mentioned something about going back to her
apartment to pick up her things.”

“Cass, I need to find her…” He didn’t wait to hear her
response. Stephanie’s life might be in danger and it was
all his fault.